Top 10 Ways Schools Can Use Video.


Top 10 Ways Schools Can Use Video.

A promotional DVD

Number one in our list of the Top 10 Ways Schools Can Use Video is the school promotional DVD. This is s great way to compliment your existing prospectus. Give prospective students and their parents an effective way to see and hear your desired message.


Student profile videos.

Considering your audience is really important when producing a video. You can target separate audience types through the use of separate videos. These might be gender specific or split between course choices. Identify and promote success stories within your organisation by creating separate video case studies.  


Student video blogs.

Every minute 48 hours of content is uploaded to YouTube. Convey the personality and enthusiasm of your current students with their own independent video blogs. Separate topics such as travel, course choices and transition can be given priority within their own video. A video blog gives an impression of reality and is a common form factor on services such as YouTube.


Instructional videos.

A fun and informative way to engage students with a new service or facility.


Website videos.

90% of web traffic is generated by online video. It engages your visitors and increases your online presence.


Video newsletter.

You already have lots of footage from trips and visits, why not combine this footage into one streamlined news update?


Video testimonials. (students/parents)

Nothing beats the personal opinions from students and staff, it is why open days are so successful. Video testimonials give you the ability to harness this effective tool online.


Web video channel.

You don’t have to use YouTube to engage with web video. A personalised video platform will always mean your visitors stay on your desired message.


Staff profile videos.

An effective way to introduce staff. Staff introductions can help potential students identify with staff before they start.


Video podcasts.

Send out updates and news via your social networks using video. A monthly update from the Head is a good example of a video podcast.