Aposs Creative Video Production Agency

What is Aposs?

Established in Sep 06 – Aposs began through a necessity for clients to communicate using the medium of film & video. Throughout this era, we met a large number of people that we are proud to still call our clients today. 10 years ago we witnessed the shift from physical distribution of media to that of the internet, we noticed that moving images started to move from the screen on the wall to the screens in our pockets & we adapted our business to meet the emerging needs of our clients.

Aposs Etos

Our mission today is to work with organisations that wish to think about the word ‘video’ a little bit different. Gone are the days of corporate waffle & stagnant concepts, the PDF brochure should never make its way onto YouTube. Today, we want to create new concepts, new ideas, new methods, & exciting results for our clients. We thrive to push the boundaries of what people consider to be ‘video production’ & open up perceptions to the notion that..if things can be done a little differently, together we can achieve greater goals. You can’t talk about online marking in 2018 without talking about video. For content creatures, it’s a really exciting time. We have the ability to reach millions with concepts that 10 years ago would seem fantastical.


The Aposs of 2018 is all about ideas, videos that inspire through truly unique ideas. We thrive to tackle every brief in the most imaginative way possible, taking those ideas from paper to video, to likes, to shares, to views, to tweets, to blogs, to laughing face emojis and finally to tangible results for our clients to enjoy.